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Frequently Asked Questions about Marquee Weddings
• Whos Job is it?
bullet To ensure that deliveries are checked?
bullet To be responsible for the drinks reception?
bullet To be responsible that the marquee is set and ready in advance of arriving guests?
bullet To welcome the Bridal Party?
bullet To welcome guests?
bullet To inform guests of the order of events?
bullet To take coats?
bullet To open car doors?
bullet To co-ordinate car parking?
bullet To discourage guests from driving on lawns etc?
bullet To assist elderly guests?
bullet To look after special needs guests?
bullet To introduce guests to the table plan?
bullet To print menus?
bullet To prepare and print the table plan & table names?
bullet To call guests and have them shown to appropriate table?
bullet To introduce the Bride & Groom?
bullet To make sure the staff serve the tables in the correct order?
bullet To ensure that there is a flow to the service?
bullet To ensure that guest’s needs are met?
bullet To supply background music and amplification/microphone for speeches?
bullet To ensure that the D.J and/or band have arrived and are set up?
bullet To conduct the order of speeches?
bullet To conduct the cutting of the cake?
bullet To introduce the first dance?
bullet To service the toilets, replace toilet rolls and hand towels?
bullet To dispose of food waste, rubbish etc?
bullet To scrape off plates and have them counted and stacked?
bullet To collect dirty glasses/empty bottles?
bullet To clean ashtrays?
bullet To administer first aid?
bullet To co-ordinate the fire-drill if necessary?
bullet To mark out safe walkways for guests?
bullet To provide trays for drinks?
bullet To provide ice, an ice bucket, ice tongs and lemons?
bullet To provide Champagne for the Bride & Groom?
bullet To provide Minerals/Soft Drinks/Juices?
bullet To make a cup of tea or coffee for an elderly guest late at night?
bullet To ensure that all guests have a form of transport home/to hotel/B&B?
bullet To ensure that all electrical supplies to the marquee have been set up correctly and correctly disconnected at the end of the night?
bullet To prepare for a power failure, who is responsible, what action must be taken?
bullet To ensure that the family home is secure i.e. gates, windows closed etc.?
bullet All food debris has been cleared from the site on the night to safeguard against pest problems?
bullet To make sure that your garden/home/site is left in immaculate condition and free of rubbish?

• Questions to ask Marquee Suppliers
bullet Will the marquee be large enough to accommodate all your guests?
bullet Is there enough room to mingle/dance?
bullet Is there enough room to accommodate a buffet table/bar area?
bullet How much room do they allow per guest?
bullet Are additional areas charged for separately?
bullet Are they available to do an on-site visit and estimate? 
bullet Is this estimate binding?
bullet What is the external colour of the marquee?
bullet What types of lining are available? 
bullet Does the marquee come with a floor?
bullet Can the marquee hire company provide a generator if needed? 
bullet Can they provide interior lighting?
bullet Is the marquee heated?
bullet Can your theme and decorations be incorporated into the structure easily? 
bullet Can they arrange for licensed portable toilets if necessary?
bullet When will they set up the marquee and when will it be dismantled? 
bullet Will someone be available on-call during your Wedding if there are any emergencies?
bullet What is their response time?
bullet How far in advance are bookings required?
bullet What is the cancellation/postponement policy? 
bullet How much is the deposit to secure the date and when is it due? 
bullet Is there a transportation cost?
bullet Do they provide emergency lighting?
bullet Do they provide outdoor lighting?
bullet Do they provide outdoor extension leads/wiring?
bullet If the site needs to be levelled will they arrange that for you?
bullet Is VAT included in the final price? 
bullet Will you have to be on site for delivery/collection of the marquee?
bullet Will they provide a Red Carpet Welcome?
bullet Are there any hidden costs?

• Questions to ask Equipment Suppliers
bullet Will you have to be on site for delivery/collection?
bullet Do you have a choice of crockery, cutlery and glassware?
bullet Who is responsible for counting and stacking items to be returned?
bullet Is there a charge for breakages?
bullet Is there a wash up charge?
bullet Is there a delivery/collection charge?
bullet How far in advance will the equipment be delivered?
bullet When will the equipment be collected?
bullet Do you require storage space to hold the equipment if the marquee company need to take away the marquee in advance of the equipment being delivered/collected?
bullet Is there a deposit that must be paid?
bullet How do you make provisions with equipment with regards to quantity i.e. how many plates, glasses do you allow per person? Do they supply extra linens in the event of spillages; have they included extra plates for the cake course etc?
bullet Do they provide tables for the Cake, Bar, Buffet, DJ etc?
bullet Do they provide Stainless Steel tables for the Kitchen/Food Prep Area?
bullet Do they provide “spare” plates/cutlery/delf/glassware etc for second helpings/breakages?
bullet How many glasses do they provide per guest? [Keep in mind that guests will be with you for at least 10 hours]
bullet Do they provide Glass Vases for floral arrangements?
bullet Do they provide Ramekins & Night Lights Do they provide table names/numbers and holders?
bullet Do they provide Easels for the table plan?
bullet Do they provide Outdoor Ashtrays on stands?
bullet Do they provide Coat Racks & Hangers?
bullet Are there any hidden costs?

• Questions to ask Caterers
bullet Have they catered for large numbers before?
bullet How soon do you need to finalise guest numbers?
bullet Are they familiar with outdoor catering?
bullet Will they be responsible for the kitchen layout and wiring?
bullet Can they provide you with a list of various plates, equipment etc. that they will need?
bullet Have they at any point completed a health & safety/food hygiene course?
bullet Are their staff familiar with health & safety rules?
bullet Have their staff been trained in outdoor catering?
bullet Have their staff worked at a wedding before?
bullet How do you provide hand washing facilities?
bullet Is tea/coffee available all day?
bullet Have they on site refrigeration for food and a freezer for bar ice?
bullet Do they have fire extinguishers and fire blankets?
bullet Do they record all food temperatures with a probe thermometer?
bullet Who is in charge of ensuring the catering runs smoothly?
bullet Do they have a Manager on site/Maitre D?
bullet Who is acting as Manager to co-ordinate your Wedding?
bullet What options are there for a late night snack for guests?
bullet Do they provide a sound system for speeches with a roaming microphone?
bullet For children, do they provide colouring books with pencils/pens and sweets etc?
bullet In case of emergency who will co-ordinate an evacuation?
bullet Do any of the catering team hold a first aid certificate?
bullet Have they a fire plan in place?
bullet Has a fire assembly point been decided?
bullet In case a guest becomes ill who will take responsibility?
bullet Can they cater for special dietary requirement/food allergies?
bullet Can an accident report form be filled out?
bullet How many staff will be working at the event?
bullet How many servers per table?
bullet Will they have dedicated wine waiters?
bullet Will they set tables etc?
bullet What time will the staff finish?
bullet Will they clean up the marquee after your wedding?
bullet Do they provide Floral Centrepieces?
bullet Do they provide printed Menus & Table Plans?
bullet Do they provide Mineral Water?
bullet Do they provide a Cake Stand & Knife?
bullet Do they provide umbrellas [in case it rains]?

• The Answers with Weddings at Home
When planning a Marquee Event and in particular a Marquee Wedding nothing can be left to chance. Many couples when organising a Marquee Wedding by themselves overlook many important factors and hidden costs. Once you have decided if your location is suitable for hosting a Marquee Wedding Reception you have two possibilities.

A] You can enrol the help of an All-Inclusive Supplier


go down the route of using individual suppliers.

We, at Weddings At Home, will ensure that from start to finish you will experience a highly professional service. As Ireland’s longest established all-inclusive marquee provider we guarantee that your Wedding Day will be unforgettable, we are on hand to manage your Marquee Wedding leaving you free to relax and enjoy every moment.

Part of our service is to meet with couples and plan every detail, to answer every question and concern that you may have. Our experienced team of Event Managers will be at your side to guide you through what will be one of the most memorable days of your life.

With Weddings at Home, you will have the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy your Wedding Day. Weddings at Home will take care of your every need.

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